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5/30/24 - New/Updated: Hi-clearance Ford SB links, 6.0 Oil Filter Re-clock,4L80&4L60 Shifters, Ford Rear Brake Lines Extensions, Superbeef Rear Lift Blocks, updated billet 6L90 4x4 adapters, adding manuals to products, many more to go.
5/30/24 - New/Updated: Hi-clearance Ford SB links, 6.0 Oil Filter Re-clock,4L80&4L60 Shifters, Ford Rear Brake Lines Extensions, Superbeef Rear Lift Blocks, updated billet 6L90 4x4 adapters, adding manuals to products, many more to go.

4L60 & 4L65 Manual Transfer Case Shifter Kit

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Upper Lever
Shift Boot

This is a universal bolt-up manual transfer case shifter for the 4L60/4L65 transmission found in GM trucks and vans from 1992-2013. The kit is optimized for universal application and can be modified to fit easily into 4x4 van conversions, swaps, and custom builds.

This kit has been tested with NP241, NP261, NP263 and other similar transfer cases successfully including electronic t-cases with manual conversions. 

Our design bolts directly to the side of the transmission and provides a spot to clip the transmission shifter cable into. All necessary hardware is included. We recommend ordering with a shifter boot and ball for the easiest installation.

How it works

This setup is built with the installer in mind, we can break it into sections. For people that need visual representation, scroll further to see the installation instructions to wrap your head around it. 

Here are the kit sections:

1) Main Bracket - This bolts to your 4L60 using existing bolts. It seats snug while  providing a pivot point for the rotating assembly on either side of the bracket (top of the triangle).
2) Rotating Assembly - This can be installed without cutting anything so you can determine the path of your lever through the floor. The geometry reduces stress on joints and provide an easy throw for the lever. The DOM center tube has a grease zirc, sleeved poly bushings to isolate vibration and a clean stub serves to mount the union you'll connect the upper lever to. 
3) Upper Lever - This pre-bent lever can be rotated in the union for additional adjustability and clearance pre or post-install. 

This Upper Lever comes 3 ways.
1) Pre-finished version: tested for all van applications, turn-key with coating, and pick your ball appearance.
2) Unfinished version with ball: The unfinished version comes raw and with an additional union that can be used to cut down the overall length, add bends, or further modify your application while still maintaining the fully finishd lower assembly. Typically the upper union can be buried under the shift boot. Lever comes pre-studded for included ball.
3) Unfinished version without ball: Specify "no-ball", and you're on your own to figure out how to mount a ball to the 5/8" stock, this may suit highly customized builders.

4) Connecting Rod - This threaded hardened steel rod comes with (2) FK heims and is cut to length. You'll basically mock up the assembly as described so far, then determine where you want the upper lever to fall in forward and rear positions then just cut the rod to that length and bolt it up.

It's easy to punch out the existing stud on your t-case side lever and pop in our grade 10 1/4" hardware to make everything fly. If you need a new t-case lever we build them to order for your specific case, so call on that. 


This product is similar (not identical) to our 4L80 version. 

Fitment Designed for: 

Universal fit 4L60 transmission mounting, typically works best with NP/NV style t-cases.

Tools Required:

Standard hand tools, hole-saw, cutoff tools or nipper, drill bits, marker, etc. DIY projects will require additional tools.

Construction Notes:

3/16" material CNC cut A36 mild steel, poly bushing w/greaseable sleeve, 5/8 solid round stock, grade 8/10 hardware, powder coat, acrylic or aluminum shifter ball, brass fittings. 

Tips / Skill Level:

1-10 (10 being the most difficult) Level 2+

This product may work with other model vehicles.  

During installation: Watch for wires under your seats! Best to mock up without any seats or carpet, etc in your vehicle.

Shipping, Fulfillment, Taxes, Quality, and Returns
  • Shipping: This item is built to order and typically takes 3-4 business days to fulfill. Our components are carefully wrapped & packaged and shipped via UPS, USPS, or FedEx, depending on what is available. If you require a particular carrier, please contact us ahead of your purchase.  Customers in Colorado may arrange for in-person pickup within 3-4 business days of purchase. 
  • Taxes: Colorado residents must pay a sales tax of 7.5%, no sales tax is collected on out-of-state shipments currently. 
  • Quality and Returns:  We are consistently complimented on the quality of our products and the ease of installation. Fabricated components are generally hand-built here in Colorado by seasoned professionals. Replacement or aftermarket parts are only offered in high-grade options.

    If you are in any way disappointed in the components, we will issue a full refund less the cost of shipping when the product is returned within 30 days of receipt. If you decide to return any components that didn't apply to your build or you changed your mind about, a shipping +15 % restocking fee will be deducted from the refund.