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Thank you for visiting. We have opened up orders for the E-Series and G-series kits. Ford Kits Ship week of 10/18 and G-series kits ship First week of November!
Thank you for visiting. We have opened up orders for the E-Series and G-series kits. Ford Kits Ship week of 10/18 and G-series kits ship First week of November!

4R75 Bolt Up 4x4 Conversion Kit for NP271

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Often the most labor-intensive component of converting a van from 2WD to 4x4 is dealing with the transmission. Many 1997-2014 Ford E-series vans came with the 4R70/4R75 transmission. It is most commonly found on E-150/250/350 series vans with the 4.6 and 5.4 gas motors.

Traditionally with 4x4 van conversions, this transmission has to be removed from the vehicle, completely disassembled, change the output shaft and extension housing, and re-assemble. 

At the time of writing this, we believe this is the only product of its kind on the market. We start with a cast aluminum tube adapter that is extremely durable. In testing, we've found that the bolt up adapter is harder and stronger than the 4R75 trans case itself. From there, just pop in the hardened chromoly spline adapter, and bolt up your NP271 transfer case with the more common (larger) 34 spline input found on 2003.5-2010 V10 and 6.0 superduty trucks. 

Our shifter lever assembly is very straightforward, just cut a small hole directly above where the lever will poke through the floor, install the shifter with the connecting rod, and work it through the paces until you have a hole sufficient for travel, ensuring the minimum cut required. 

A few notes:

-The aluminum adapter is designed to work with both the early transmission case and later model. It can be installed with RTV silicone, or we provide both types of gaskets.

-The Chromoly spline adapter has a snap ring inside that sets the depth of the shaft for either the earlier model 4R75s with the long output shaft or later models with the short version. We also provide a pressure spring to keep the spline adapter tight to the t-case to minimize vibration.

-Not shown in the photos: included transmission cross-member drops for setting the correct height of the footer. These weld-on adapters lower the transmission cross-member to the appropriate position to use the standard Ford transmission mount. 

-Shifter lever designed to be long for easy reach and throw. The location of the lever as it comes up through the floor is designed to be tight to the seat, leaving as much space as possible between the seats. Some vans may require slight shaving or trimming of seat bolster plastic. Shifter lever gusseted for maximum durability and rigidity. 

Fitment Designed for: 

Van Side - 1997-2015 Ford E-series vans with 4R70/4R75 transmission. 

Truck Side - 1999-2010 NP/NV 271 or 273 Transfer case with 36 spline input found on 2003.5-2010 models. 

Footer interfaces with OEM van transmission mount. 

Tools Required:

Standard hand tools, Torque wrench, and threadlocker recommended. 


Aluminum transmission adapter tube assembly, Chromoly spline shaft adapter, transmission, and t-case gaskets, transfer case bolts, transfer case shifter mechanism, shift connecting rod, shifter ball, trim boot, and transmission cross-member drops.

Construction Notes:

Machined cast aluminum, 3/16" plate, 5/8" rod stock, 1/4" angle, grade 5 and 10 applicable hardware, ", 3/16" material CNC cut A36 mild steel, schedule 40 tubing, Chromoly spline shaft, proprietary coating

Tips / Skill Level:

1-10 (10 being most difficult) Level 3-4

This product may work with other model vehicles. 

Torque spec on M10 transmission case bolts and transfer case nuts is 37 Ft-lbs. 

Other Pertinent Part Numbers -  Anchor 2557 Transmission mount

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