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11/26/23 - We're wrapping up with High-Lift GM kits manuals and have time set aside to push a bunch of Site/Product updates mid December. Support phone number now up, 720 515 5933. We're available Tuesday, Thursday and Friday AMs. Thanks!
11/26/23 - We're wrapping up with High-Lift GM kits manuals and have time set aside to push a bunch of Site/Product updates mid December. Support phone number now up, 720 515 5933. We're available Tuesday, Thursday and Friday AMs. Thanks!

4x4 Turn-key Conversion Kit GM

***Current lead times on turn-key kits are 4-5 weeks depending on where we are with production. If you have a highly time-sensitive project please contact us prior to ordering to verify inventory. 


This is our turn-key conversion kit containing basically everything required to complete the 4x4 conversion on your 2011-2020 GM Van with 6L90 transmission. The kit is a summation of all the components necessary both custom and over-the-counter, providing for a clean and tested repeatable solution that won't have you reaching for your phone or laptop every 15 minutes just trying to figure out what to buy or grab next. 

If this is your first stop on our site, take a little bit to review the vans, resources, and information on our "how do I convert my van to 4x4" page. We also have answered a lot of frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. If you have further questions, we'd be happy to answer them by phone or Email. It is our goal to make the process as seamless and productive as possible and we've gone to a great deal to design a product that is field-tested and made for a pain-resistant install.  

    Included in kit:
    Fitment Designed for: 

    Van Side - Initially available on 2011-2020 Chevrolet Express 2500/3500 series vans with 6L90 Transmission (4.8L, 6.0L only). We have solutions for basically every other van option 2003-2022, many have limitations or only work with specific kits, so stay tuned for those options. 

    Truck Side - Much of the design of our system is built around the 2007.5-2010 K2500/K3500 series trucks. This just happens to be the year range that most resembles the van chassis design. There are components that we've chosen outside of this year range, for instance, the transfer case, which we prefer out of the earlier 01-07 models (although newer Magna transfer cases do interface with our components). 

    Tools Required:

    We have a standard list of tools that we recommend listed in the front of our manual. Not every single tool is required, but having these at your disposal will facilitate your build. If you are familiar with most of these tools, you're darn capable of pulling this off. 

    ☐ (2) Jack stands
    ☐ 220v welder w/ shielding gas
    ☐ Air compressor / pneumatic tools
    ☐ Angle grinder/cutter
    ☐ Automotive lift (2 post preferred)
    ☐ Combination wrenches metric and SAE
    ☐ Deadblow or plastic-coated hammer
    ☐ Deadman (Ideally 2)
    ☐ Drill bits/cutting oil
    ☐ Electric impact gun
    ☐ Electric or pneumatic and conventional ratchet
    ☐ Floor jack
    ☐ Hose pick
    ☐ Magnetic lamp
    ☐ Oil drain and catch
    ☐ Panel popper
    ☐ Plasma cutter (It is difficult to complete the GM conversion with only angle grinders)
    ☐ Pneumatic impact gun
    ☐ Ratcheting wrenches
    ☐ Socket, Torx, hex bits sets
    ☐ Torsion bar tensioning tool
    ☐ Torque wrench
    ☐ Transmission jack
    ☐ Vice grips

    Additional Consumable Materials Checklist:
    ☐ Anti-seize
    ☐ Blue thread locker (If you prefer a different grade that’s acceptable)
    ☐ Brake cleaner/degreaser of your choice
    ☐ Brake fluid
    ☐ Cutting wheels, 3”/4”
    ☐ Electrical tape, torch/lighter, wire heat shrink, 10-16 gauge butt connectors w/ heat shrink
    ☐ Gasket maker (TA-29 or TA-31 Ford silicone / AC Delco Equivalent, or Black RTV)
    ☐ Gear oil ( calls for Full Synthetic 75W-90 ) 4-5 Quarts Front/Rear
    ☐ Loctite 263 thread locker, 50 mL
    ☐ Paint pen (included in master kits)
    ☐ PB blaster, WD40 or your choice of penetrating catalyst
    ☐ Plasma cutter consumables (if you’re using one)
    ☐ Shop towels
    ☐ Sanding disks, we use 3” roloc 30 grit, and 2” Scotch Brite discs 2" 3m Roloc sanding disk Scotch Brite
    ☐ Epoxy paint and a hard clear coat like a wheel coating ideal. Sub: Self-etching primer, black paint of your choice, clear-coat recommended
    ☐ Dex VI Transmission fluid (8L90 + 261 Transfer Cases) Typically 4 Quarts unless servicing transmission during conversion
    ☐ Welding wire, argon gas

    Construction Notes:

    (It's a lot of parts, please visit individual product listings for more information on this, sample manual will be available shortly.)

    Tips / Skill Level:

    1-10 (10 being most difficult) Level 8. We like to equate the conversion to a slightly more involved job akin to a 6" 3/4 ton IFS GM lift kit with more cutting and some welding. Instead of 10 hours of work, it's more like 45-55, but we make it as easy as it can be. 

    Additional notes:

    Please read through this site, read through the FAQs, the product listings, and familiarize yourself with the conversion, you're going to have questions, we have answers, just let us know how we can help! 

    Price, Shipping, Fulfillment, Taxes, Quality and Returns
    • Price + Shipping: This kit is carefully wrapped and packaged and ships LTL freight. We do have an export license and ship directly into Canada. You will be responsible for a modest broker fee and tariffs. Automotive adjacent businesses may receive reduced US/CAN tariffs. This is an 800LB+ kit and often too large for liftgate service, so we recommend a commercial shipping address and having a forklift, skid, etc, available. Discounted delivery in the metro Denver area. 
    • Shipping time for turn-key kits: We typically have a 4-week assembly requirement to package and prepare your shipment, primarily due to transfer case and differential builds which are done to-order. If you are local and need to pickup a partial kit in shorter order that can likely be facilitated. LTL Shipments  will be sent tracking information and signed up for email alerts unless otherwise instructed. 
    • Taxes: Colorado residents must pay sales tax of 7.5%, no sales tax is collected on out-of-state shipments currently. 
    • Quality and Returns: We are consistently complimented on the quality of our products and the ease of installation. Components are hand-built here almost exclusively in Colorado by seasoned professionals who are fanatics about design and execution. If you are in any way disappointed in the components we will issue a full refund less the cost of shipping when the product is returned. If you decide to return any components that didn't apply to your build or you changed your mind about, shipping and a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from the purchase refund.