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Notice! Fulfillment staff will be off site 9/30-10/6. Orders will be processed the following week of 10/9/23. Please excuse any delays.
Notice! Fulfillment staff will be off site 9/30-10/6. Orders will be processed the following week of 10/9/23. Please excuse any delays.

Superbeef Roof Rack Bracket System GM+Ford

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***Roof rack bracket kits are stock but currently being coated. We are processing orders of these and will fill within a max of 2 weeks of order. This design has also been updated to a superior design with adjustability in mind.***


We went out and built a bunch of full-length roof racks for Ford E-series and G-series vans and installed them for people and waited to hear back. That worked well for about 50 racks, then we started building some heavier "walkable" steel racks. They got pretty heavy, then we had some customers load them with 1000lbs of gear and go out wheelin' in the desert and the support brackets just wouldn't hold up. 

The result is a modified version of the popular "L" style gutter mount brackets seen on a lot of utility racks but totally beefed out. 

These are the perfect universal-style gutter mount bracket for your roof racks. They are designed to work with the E-series vans and G-series vans and will hold an incredible amount of weight (we're not sure how much).

Our brackets are built from 10 gauge HRPO steel and each one is gusseted with boxed steel angles. These will work in pairs or quads, however, our basic kit is designed to use (3) pairs to mount a complete full roof rack on your van. 

Brackets come powder coated black and the footers are coated in a proprietary plastic material to keep from damaging the paint below your gutter. Hardware to attach the footers and angle brackets are included. 

Construction / Sizing Notes: 

The front and rear brackets have a little under 3.5" of rise and the center brackets have less to compensate for the curvature of your roof. This design keeps the mounting surface close to the top of the van to keep the rack profile as low as possible.

The top portion of the bracket extends in 6 inches to give you freedom for mounting options. The tips of the mounting surface have a slotted hole for a 1/4" bolt or use a carriage bolt to keep everything very clean looking. 

Fitment Designed for: 

Van Side - 1992-2014 Ford E-series vans (short or extended), 2003-current G-series vans. (Chevrolet Express/GM Savana)

These will absolutely fit earlier models, and other gutter-style vehicles, however, these are the only models we've actually fitted them on. 

Tools Required:

Standard hand tools


(4) "Tall brackets" (2) "Short brackets" gutter clamps, and hardware. This kit does not come with the hardware to fasten your rack, as each one is different.

Tips / Skill Level:

1-10 (10 being most difficult) Level 1

This product may work with other model vehicles.  

Shipping, Fulfillment, Taxes, Quality, and Returns
  • Shipping: Our components are carefully wrapped and packaged and ship UPS, USPS, or FedEx, depending on what is available. If you require a particular carrier, please contact us ahead of your purchase. Customers in Colorado may arrange for in-person pickup within 1-2 business days of purchase taking noted lead times into consideration. 
  • Shipping/Fulfillment time for components: We typically ship within 1-2 business days of your order and we carefully monitor our inventory. In the event that we are unable to meet that timeframe, we will contact you and arrange either a full refund or a timeframe for fulfillment agreeable to the customer. 
  • Taxes: Colorado residents must pay sales tax of 7.5%, no sales tax is collected on out-of-state shipments currently. 
  • Quality and Returns: We are consistently complimented on the quality of our products and the ease of install. Components are hand-built here almost exclusively in Colorado by seasoned professionals who are fanatics about design and execution. If you are in any way disappointed in the components we will issue a full refund less the cost of shipping when the product is returned. If you decide to return any components that didn't apply to your build or you changed your mind about, shipping and a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from the purchase refund.