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6/18/24 - We are working on website, production, and some in-shop project work. If item(s) you need show "sold-out" on site, please contact us for availability, those parts may be in stock. Thank you.
6/18/24 - We are working on website, production, and some in-shop project work. If item(s) you need show "sold-out" on site, please contact us for availability, those parts may be in stock. Thank you.

GM Van 4x4 IFS Front Differential Mounting System - Standard Lift

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This kit includes the basic components, templates, and bracketry required to hang a 4x4 IFS GM front differential from your 2003-2023 GM Van 2500/3500/4500. This is likely the most technical aspect of converting a GM van to 4x4 but we've spent years working through the various options and models, and have developed a repeatable procedure to complete this job that just works every time. 

What vans, what differential:

2003-2023 GMC Savana/Chevrolet Express 2500/3500/4500 Vans Only (All Engines All Transmissions)
Front Diff Options:
8.25" - 2008-2018 GMC Sierra / Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Suburban, Yukon, Tahoe, etc, typical compatible gearing 3.42, 3.73, 4.10
9.25" - 1999-2010 GMC Sierra / Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500, Suburban 2500. Recommended 2007.5-2010 years. OE Gearing 3.73/4.10. 3.42 will require changing ring and pinion which we can provide.


4.8/6.0 Gas: highest general compatability. Motor mount brackets can be trimmed in-body. Both 8.25"/9.25" differential options are viable in standard and hi-lift configurations.

6.6 Gas: more light-duty fabrication work than other models. We recommend buying our pre-modded motor mounts which clearly outline clearance requirements. 8.25" differential is required for standard lift and recommended for hi-lift. 9.25" can be installed in hi-lift using 2007-2010.5 front diff and our custom oil cooler lines.

6.6 Diesel: pre-2012 models will only fit 8.25" diff with standard lift without oil pan modifications which we don't support. 2012-2016 vans with 6.6 will fit 2007.5-2010 but it's very tight. Hi-lift 4x4 vans will fit 9.25" without issue.

4.3 Gas: 8.25" differential in standard lift, though notching aluminum oil pan will fit 9.25". Hi-lift 4x4 vans will fit 9.25" without issue.

2.8 Diesel: tightest clearances up front, but it's totally doable. We recommend our pre-modded motor mounts which cut down on fab time and are easily accessible. 8.25" differential for standard and hi-lifts. The passenger side mount requires some general fab knowledge to work around the oil filter housing which is very tight. We're not aware of an oil-filter relocate-kit for this engine, but it would sure make things easier.

What do I need to know:

Installing the front diff in a van is the most technical aspect of the conversion, but it's very straightforward and repeatable with our kits. Recommended tools include: a vehicle lift, plasma cutter, and some welding ability. Can this be done with an angle grinder, stick welder and jack stands? Absolutely, but expect a reduction in the joy factor. 

There is some cutting around the motor mount brackets and work required to relocate the main cross member rearward. We provide metal cut templates for everything and detailed instructions. The nature of the installation is intuitive if you follow the directions and look at the photos. With both 8.25" and 9.25" differentials, installation begins with 1-2 static brackets, and the remaining 1-2 are located using the diff itself. This ensures clearance, leveling, and fitment prior to permanent welds. 

    Tools Required:

    Standard hand tools, pneumatic tools, and torque wrenches are recommended, welding is required, cutting time is significantly improved with a plasma cutter and undercoat removal is facilitated with an acetylene torch or propane.


    Inclusions vary for application. All 8.25" front diff systems come with a skid plate. 9.25" skid plates are available for hi-lift conversions only. Centerlink is recommended on all conversions, required for 8.25" builds. (Not included in IFS Front Axle Kit)

    Timberline front cross-member, left plate, right differential support with bushing assembly, makeup plate, upper bracket, Timberline center link, all appropriate hardware, frame extension trim templates, and printed/bound color installation manual. 

    Tips / Skill Level:

    1-10 (10 being the most difficult) Level 8

    Shipping, Fulfillment, Taxes, Quality, and Returns
    • Shipping: Our components are carefully wrapped & packaged and shipped via UPS, USPS, or FedEx, depending on what is available. If you require a particular carrier, please contact us ahead of your purchase.  Customers in Colorado may arrange for in-person pickup within 1-2 business days of purchase. 
    • Shipping/Fulfillment time for components: We typically ship within 1-2 business days of your order and we carefully monitor our inventory. In the event that we are unable to meet that timeframe, we will contact you and arrange either a full refund or a timeframe for fulfillment agreeable to the customer. 
    • Taxes: Colorado residents must pay a sales tax of 7.5%, no sales tax is collected on out-of-state shipments currently. 
    • Quality and Returns:  We are consistently complimented on the quality of our products and the ease of installation. Fabricated components are generally hand-built here in Colorado by seasoned professionals. Replacement or aftermarket parts are only offered in high-grade options.

      If you are in any way disappointed in the components, we will issue a full refund less the cost of shipping when the product is returned within 30 days of receipt. If you decide to return any components that didn't apply to your build or you changed your mind about, a shipping +15 % restocking fee will be deducted from the refund.