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5/30/24 - New/Updated: Hi-clearance Ford SB links, 6.0 Oil Filter Re-clock,4L80&4L60 Shifters, Ford Rear Brake Lines Extensions, Superbeef Rear Lift Blocks, updated billet 6L90 4x4 adapters, adding manuals to products, many more to go.
5/30/24 - New/Updated: Hi-clearance Ford SB links, 6.0 Oil Filter Re-clock,4L80&4L60 Shifters, Ford Rear Brake Lines Extensions, Superbeef Rear Lift Blocks, updated billet 6L90 4x4 adapters, adding manuals to products, many more to go.

Econoline Pitman Arm for Superduty Drag Link

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Problem: The Econoline pitman arm is incompatible with a Superduty drag link, and the Econoline drag link is incompatible with the Superduty adjustment sleeve + outer tie rod.

Solution: Simply pull your pitman arm, install ours, and you can bolt up the Superduty steering linkages as normal. 

We built many vans with the Econoline drag link and our custom adjustment sleeve, but found after years of use and larger tires, the naturally bent Econoline drag link just doesn't hold up. The ball joint wears out too fast, and the bend leads to deflection which can eventually exacerbate steering issues and death wobble. 

The Superduty drag link boasts a larger ball joint and a straight design. It also has a stabilizer mounting hole that plays perfectly with our Pitman Stabilizer System. With our pre-reamed Pitman Arm, you won't have any issues with your RSC that are caused by drop-pitman arms. 

Can't I just ream my own arm?

Absolutely, a decent reamer is between $80 and $120. It's not something you can ream in the vehicle, so you'll need a good drill press and the shape of the arm doesn't lend itself to easy vice clamping, so you'll need to build a fixture to hold it properly. Ours come out perfect every time, and we only use ACDelco, Delphi, and Motorcraft parts. For most people, this is somewhat of a no-brainer, but if you're curious, it is a 7-degree ream like many Fords and Chevys. 

How many splines do I have?

If you can see your pitman arm, check the keyway on the sector shaft and compare it to the image in the photos of this product that shows 36 vs 32.

Most 05+ Vans E-150/250/350 36 Splines
Dual Rear Wheels Gen 4 36 Splines
Gen 3 Often 32 Splines
Diesel Vans Usually 36 Splines

If you are unsure, please email us your VIN before or after purchase and we'll sort it out. 

Will this work on my Quigley?

This setup is compatible with 2008+ Quigley Ford 4x4 vans. You don't have to buy their proprietary drag link which is likely just a straightened van unit with a re-tapped or cross-threaded adjustment sleeve. You'll need this arm, and an 08 F-250 4x4 drag link and adjustment sleeve. 

Fitment Designed for: 

Van Side: 1992-2019 Ford E-150/E-250/E-350/E-450, Cab and chassis/cutaway variants included. 1975-1991 Ford E-250/E-350, E-150s unknown. 

Call if you have a 2021+ E-350/E-450, some vans have a larger (currently hard to get) pitman arm, specific to that vehicle only. 

Truck Side: Designed for use with 2005-2010 Superduty drag link. Lengths on drag links 2011-2023 vary slightly but the ball joint is the same size. Will work with super 60, wide-track, F-450 / F-550 of the same vintage. 

Tools Required:

Standard hand tools, Ford calls for tool 211-003 pitman arm puller, OTC makes one also, part number 6497, either cost about $100. This is a very common tool. Torque spec on the arm is 203ft. lbs. 


Pitman Arm Only

Construction Notes:

ACDelco, Delphi or Motorcraft Brand Arm. 

Tips / Skill Level:

1-10 (10 being the most difficult) Level 2-3 - Pneumatic tools recommended

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