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6/18/24 - We are working on website, production, and some in-shop project work. If item(s) you need show "sold-out" on site, please contact us for availability, those parts may be in stock. Thank you.
6/18/24 - We are working on website, production, and some in-shop project work. If item(s) you need show "sold-out" on site, please contact us for availability, those parts may be in stock. Thank you.

FAQ Timberline Supply

    ***This page is due for construction and will be updated soon.***
    • Ford - There are varying degrees of difficulty, but no limitations. Support for Gen 3 builds and 2015-2021 year-model vans is not as extensive, however we believe we have solutions for most everything...and if we can't answer it immediately, we'll figure it out. 
    • Chev/GMC - Cab and Chassis or Cutaway variants require additional fabrication skills. No support current for early 4L60 models, we do not support Pre-2003 G-series vans. 

    Is there cutting and welding?

    • Ford - There is some cutting and limited welding. We can build you a comprehensive kit with no welding required and may offer this, but it's just easier to knock out the few key pieces with a little flash. If welding is a non-starter for you, let us know! 
    • Chev/GMC - The GM IFS 4x4 torsion bar conversion is slightly more invasive than the Ford E-series, however, we have worked very hard to produce an reliable, repeatable 1-way solution that works every time.
    • The GM IFS conversion requires cutting and some welding. It is meant to be completed in a shop and with both automotive and some light fabrication experience. Everything is very straightforward and basically only fits one way, so if you can follow simple instructions with clear photos, you'll be fine. A plasma cutter is not required, however, it does make some of the work go more quickly.

    Can I do this in my driveway or without a lift?

    • It is always easier to do work with the right tools. Both the GM and Ford conversions can be done in a driveway. It is easier to do the work under a lift, but we've had many customers build them in a garage and on the ground. 
    • To reiterate, 90% of our kits are sold to people with access to a shop. We recently had a Firefighter build a Ford in his garage, and the last guys to build a full GM in a driveway were literally Vikings, so if you're young or a BAMF, then it's all you, but we really enjoy working on lifts with proper equipment. 

    How much will it cost to convert my van? 

    • There are many variables that go into this, so there's no cut and dry answer. Our basic kits cost about $4000-$4500. You should expect to spend between $2000 and $5000 for the bulk of the remainder. Fords are often more expensive to build than GM vans, but it can depend on who/how the labor is being handled.
    • Things like: quality/availability of used parts, new parts, and your ability to complete the build process with impact the overall expenditure. 
    • We have seen people nearly complete a build with our components and leftovers from previously owned vehicles, spending very little more than the kit price and consumables, however most people do have to buy some of the additional components to complete the build. 
    • Higher dollar-to-convert vans include anything with dualls, 7.3 diesel powered E-series vans, and diesel G-series vans with 6" of lift.
    • More affordable to-convert vans include V10 powered 5R110 E-series vans. Gas V8 powered GM vans if you can gear a diff are the most affordable. 

    How long will it take to build?

    • Again, depending on how far you take it, or how much you have outsourced, the conversion can take a few days in the garage, or a few weeks. It's a fair amount of work to complete and being patient will net you the best build. 

    Can it be done in stages? 

    • Tying in to the last question, both the Ford and the GM can be built in stages to preserve budget and timeframe. In both instances it is possible to handle the main front end work over a weekend, at least the minimum required to put the vehicle back on the road if you need it for work Monday. 

    Are there instructions or videos?

    • We do have full color detailed instructions for the Ford, GM, and conversion kit parts. These include color photos, mechanical drawings, and torque specs to properly set up your vehicle. We do have a set of Ford videos available on Youtube, however they were shot approx 3 years ago and are a little out of date. (Available on request)

    Can I get a parts list of everything?

    • We have a basic parts list of components listed for both GM and Ford conversions. Specific part numbers and details will be provided to customers on request as it pertains to the components the are purchasing. We provide a comprehensive parts list for customers purchasing complete kits. 

    Do you offer financing? What are Payment Options?

    • Currently, we do not offer financing. Payment options are: Debit, Credit, Venmo, Bank XFR, Check by mail (Clearing Times), and Cash for in-person pickups. Colorado residents must pay 7.5% sales tax on parts sales. 

    Do you have phone or text support when I get in a bind?

    • Yes, we don't just sell kits. You will receive phone support from Timberline Vans for your Timberline Supply parts. Having built over 150 vans and selling scores of components/kits, Timberline Vans has learned the techniques and solved the hard to answer problems dealing with the conversions sold on this site.