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TIMBERLINE WILL BE OFF-SITE 5-18/5-27. ORDERS PLACED AFTER 5/17 WILL BE FULFILLED AFTER THE 27TH. New email support will resume on the 28th. If you have already placed an order and are awaiting delivery, you should ship 5/20. Core kit shipping will resume in June.
TIMBERLINE WILL BE OFF-SITE 5-18/5-27. ORDERS PLACED AFTER 5/17 WILL BE FULFILLED AFTER THE 27TH. New email support will resume on the 28th. If you have already placed an order and are awaiting delivery, you should ship 5/20. Core kit shipping will resume in June.

Ford Econoline to Superduty Sway Bar + Link Kit


This is our standard front sway bar and sway bar link mounting kit for the Ford Econoline to Superduty front axle setup. It is the straightforward way to relocate your sway bar forward slightly and set up your tabs on the axle so your geometry works perfectly and your sway bar setup performs most effectively. 


The front sway bar on solid axle vehicles like our conversion design is integral to the vehicle driving well. It's not as simple as just bolting up the factory sway bar and using superduty links although that's better than nothing. 

The function of the sway bar is both to minimize body roll-down when cornering and to evenly distribute the force of axle movement through the chassis. This distribution of the forces allows the whole chassis and peripherals to function as a damper instead of the axle rebounding harshly. The result is less bump steer, better traction, steering, and reduced tendency to wobble. 

The factory Ford sway bar can be reused in vans 2008 and newer, and 1991 and older, but we always recommend a stiffer sway bar than OE. You're lifting the van, bigger tires, higher center of gravity, and often installing hightops and roof racks which contribute to stronger forces on that bar. The Hellwig 7718 is our recommendation for Gen 4 vans. 

In a quick bit, the sway bar and links operate best when the bar arms are within 10 degrees of parallel to the frame and at 90 degrees to the link. The links should appear vertically on both from side and front profiles. It doesn't matter as much if the tabs are mounted off-center, or if the links are bolted inside/outside the arm. We also use a stiffer link than the factory van links, which are under-sized for the 4x4 conversion.

Most people spend most of their time on the road. It makes sense to prioritize that for daily driving, but the increased stability will ride stiffer in the washboard. If you're out in the fun for days, take 5 minutes and 2 wrenches and the links will pop right off. You can bungee up your sway bar if you're worried about it falling down, easy stuff. 


This basic kit we offer is designed for a 4-6" lift and our 4-link setup. When we push the axle forward the sway bar has to move as well, or it will operate too close to the springs, and keeping the links vertical, again is important.

Installation requires drilling 4 new holes in the frame which is relatively soft material. The bumper has to be loosened and pulled aside to fish the "no-spin" hardware in, but this can be done without complete removal, so don't stress about the winch, lights, etc. 

When the vehicle is down with the track bar adjusted, we'll pop the sway bar, links, and the tabs into place. Then you can hold the link and tab up against the axle, square everything up, tack, and repeat the process on the alternate side. Finally, weld out your tabs, a little paint, and off you go.

We include additional washers in the event any settling occurs and you need to adjust the link alignment. The Hellwig brackets have a bit of adjustment to them as well so getting everything nice and straight isn't too difficult. 

We know this is a lot to absorb. Examine the photos of installed parts and the design should make sense. 

Fitment Designed for: 

Van Side: Fits 1992-2023 Ford E-150/E-250/E-350/E-450, Cab and chassis/cutaway variants included. 

Truck Side: Fits Ford Superduty Axles F-250, F-350,F-450, F-550 years 2005-Current.

Tools Required:

Standard hand tools, drill, 1/2" drill bit, 220v welder with shielding gas. 


Sway bar links, sway bar brackets relocation hardware, sway bar tabs, sway bar link hardware, and additional spacers. 

Tips / Skill Level:

1-10 (10 being the most difficult) Level 3

This product does require welding.

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