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1/30/24 - Site under construction. If you need a build sheet on a specific van, email us. Ford Mini Kits are back in stock, lowered price. We also updated the Ford Gen 4 Ford kit and will be adding Gen 3 info next day or so.
1/30/24 - Site under construction. If you need a build sheet on a specific van, email us. Ford Mini Kits are back in stock, lowered price. We also updated the Ford Gen 4 Ford kit and will be adding Gen 3 info next day or so.

Ford 4x4 Van Heavy Duty Pitman Stabilizer Kit


This is the perfect easy-install stabilizer system for E-series 4x4 vans with a Dana 60 front axle and Superduty drag link. It puts the stabilization right at the steering arm and is highly effective at both stabilizing and smoothing steering. It reduces bump steer on vans that have it, mitigates death wobble in prone vans, and reduces wear on tie-rods.

This bracket bolts right into existing frame holes found on all 92+ E-series vans and includes our M10 speed tap kit to make the installation go lightning quick. It has a reinforced deflection plate to keep things from flexing, and it utilizes a standard Superduty stabilizer shock which is widely available.

We HIGHLY recommend using the Fox brand shock, it's simply the best we've found and worth the expense. This system is simply one of the best investments you can make in upgrading or protecting your Econoline. 

For maximum performance, pair this kit with our Dana 60 2005+ Steering Stabilizer Kit which stabilizes the lower steering tube. If you have an 08+ Quigley van, an early Timberline Rig, or another MFR using an E-series drag link, consider swapping in our Pre-Reamed Pitman Arm and run a Superduty drag link which has both a larger ball joint and no deflection issues. 

Add a Fox stabilizer shock for either the E-series drag or F-series drag to complete the setup for a bolt-on solution that directly cushions the lateral steering from the frame of the vehicle to the point as close to the pitman arm as possible. 

Note 1: If you are unsure about whether this kit will work on your van, please email us specifics and photos if you have them. - 

Note 2: Stabilizers are not a cure-all. If you have loose parts, e.g., tie-rods, ball joints, or play in your steering components, this is not a guaranteed fix for the problem. That said,  this product has consistently improved performance on the many varied builds we've installed it on. 

Fitment Designed For:

1992-2023 Ford E-150/E-250/E-350/E-450, Cab and chassis/cutaway variants included

Truck Side: Fits 2005-2023 Ford F-250/F-350 SRW or DRW axles

Tools Required:

Hand tools, electric impact and or ratchet will speed installation. 


Bracket system, hardware, speed-tap kit for 3/8 chuck, thread locker (frame bolts) and anti-seize (top locks). Optioned kit includes Fox stabilizer shock and mounting stud kit for Superduty drag link. 

Construction Notes: 

Components made from CNC cut 3/16" A36 steel. Hardware varies from grade 5-10. Units come powder-coated.  

Tips / Skill Level: 

1-10 (10 being the most difficult) Level 1-2

Shipping, Fulfillment, Taxes, Quality, and Returns
  • Shipping: Our components are carefully wrapped & packaged and shipped via UPS, USPS, or FedEx, depending on what is available. If you require a particular carrier, please contact us ahead of your purchase.  Customers in Colorado may arrange for in-person pickup within 1-2 business days of purchase. 
  • Shipping/Fulfillment time for components: We typically ship within 1-2 business days of your order and we carefully monitor our inventory. In the event that we are unable to meet that timeframe, we will contact you and arrange either a full refund or a timeframe for fulfillment agreeable to the customer. 
  • Taxes: Colorado residents must pay a sales tax of 7.5%, no sales tax is collected on out-of-state shipments currently. 
  • Quality and Returns:  We are consistently complimented on the quality of our products and the ease of installation. Fabricated components are generally hand-built here in Colorado by seasoned professionals. Replacement or aftermarket parts are only offered in high-grade options.

    If you are in any way disappointed in the components, we will issue a full refund less the cost of shipping when the product is returned within 30 days of receipt. If you decide to return any components that didn't apply to your build or you changed your mind about, a shipping+15% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund.