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Notice! Fulfillment staff will be off site 9/30-10/6. Orders will be processed the following week of 10/9/23. Please excuse any delays.
Notice! Fulfillment staff will be off site 9/30-10/6. Orders will be processed the following week of 10/9/23. Please excuse any delays.
Timberline 4x4 GM Van

G-Series 4x4 Conversions


In this section, you will find a list of our available parts for GM 4x4 conversions. Please click the tabs above for more info and resources. 


The Chevrolet Express / GMC Savana platform is an excellent choice for 4x4 van conversions. The body on frame design is widely available and still produced today. 

The setup is ideal for IFS suspension conversion which gives these vans comfortable drivability akin to a factory 2WD van.

They are inexpensive to work on, extremely durable, and parts are widely available. Timberline offers 2 lift variants of this conversion, a 1-2.5" suspension lift and a 6" lift option. 

Unlike the Econoline, the G-Series van is offered in 2 wheelbases, 138" and 158". The long-wheelbase version can be a little more challenging to park. The G-series is not available with a high top from the factory. Cab and chassis models obviously open up box-truck type options.


-We currently have conversion options for the 2003-2021 G2500, G3500, and G4500 series models. (We do not offer a 4x4 conversion for 1/2 ton models)

-Transmission options are limited to the 4L80, 6L90, and 8L90 variants. We have not attempted to convert the 4L60 to 4x4, found on some earlier 2500 models. All Timberline GM transmission options can be completed without the removal of the transmission from the vehicle. 

-If completed properly, a standard lift option conversion should drive nearly identical to the van prior to conversion. 6" lift variants will drive very very well, however raising the center of gravity and installing 34" tires on anything will change the vehicle behavior to some degree. (Cool factor + clearance increases substantially more than ride quality degradation, if you want the lift, get the lift.)


-The GM IFS 4x4 torsion bar conversion is slightly more invasive than the Ford E-series, however, we have worked very hard to produce an easily repeatable, reliable 1-way solution that works every time. 

-The GM IFS conversion requires cutting and some welding. It is meant to be completed in a shop and with both automotive and some light fabrication experience. Everything is very straightforward and basically only fits one way, so if you can follow simple instructions with clear photos, you'll be fine. A plasma cutter is not required, however, it does make some of the work go more quickly. 


Please visit our "how do I convert my van to 4x4" page for a good overview of the options, process, and budgeting. 


  • from $149.00

    GM G-series 4x4 Conversion Rear Lift Kit

    ***This product typically ships in 1-3 business days of purchase***. Description: Our GM 2" Rear lift kit is a very basic solution to lifting the r...

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    from $149.00
  • from $4,532.00

    4x4 Core Conversion Kit GM

    Description: ***Current lead times on "Key Components" kits range from 1-3 weeks. Delivery time typically takes 7-10 days from the time of departur...

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    from $4,532.00
  • from $115.00

    4x4 Bump Stop Kit GM

    Description: Our torsion bar 4x4 setup uses 1999-2010 GM lower control arms which interface with similar truck torsion bars. The striking pad profi...

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    from $115.00
  • Sold out

    Torsion Bar Carriage GM 4x4 van

    Description: This torsion bar carriage and transmission/t-case cross-member is designed for use in 2500 + 3500 series Chevy Express and GMC Savana ...

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